Opening the door to You… the Divine Genius

A complete course that opens and allows you to handle life’s challenges and adventures by accessing your very self from a different perspective. If you want to understand the huge extent of your capabilities and who you really are, then this course is an introduction to YOU and how you function in this space, time, dimension, and reality.

Over 40 Video Lessons

4 Modules - Each includes easy to learn video lessons, audio inductions, and practical instructions.

Powerful Inductions

Meditation induction for each session as a learning reinforcement.

Community Support

Connect with the team and other students to receive continuous support throughout your journey.

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The Journey to Your Divine Genius

It’s time to create a new story. To be a better YOU!

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Mind Power

11-Day Mind Power Challenge

Simple, powerful, and effective tools and techniques to harness the potential and creative power of your mind… a power that is already yours.

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About Carol Talbot

What gives Carol a “buzz” is to make you think and feel differently…to experience the world differently. She has an ability to see a deeper perspective within each person that allows the process of growth and expansion an easier and more joyful dance. Known as the NLP (neuro linguistic programming) expert in the Middle East, Carol utilizes its many tools and techniques to create rapid shifts, along with PSYCH-K®, Time-Line Therapy™, Hypnosis, Sound Healing, Light Language and breakthrough experiences, such as fire-walking… one of mankind’s oldest change-promoting tools. 

As a seeker, learner and explorer Carol has experienced many indigenous medicines with tribes in Ecuador, Peru and Mexico and the depth of insight that they gift us with. She also works with Kambo, an indigenous healing medicine, and is actively involved in the plant medicine renaissance with a newly launched news channel called Entheovision.

Author of Amazon International Best-seller, YOU the Divine Genius, her passion, along with her own travels and curious nature, have led to a desire to bring YOU an opportunity to move in a direction that maybe you’ve not gone before. An opportunity to expand your awareness, consciousness, heart and mind… to step into a fuller focus of who YOU are.

Carol Talbot - Best Selling Author, International Speaker and NLP Expert

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What Our Students Have to Say

The teaching technique is amazing, there is just the right combination of theory and other learnings combined with the practical application of skills and techniques.
Lara Ghanem
Sirocco Heineken
I have never been in such a positive learning environment before. Thank you for creating this for all of us! Today, I am who am and doing what I do and I clearly know my journey has just begun. I look at things and people differently. I see in every challenge a new opportunity and it is easily and effortlessly achievable now.
Nodira Mukhitdinova
Fly Dubai
Carol is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and delivers a lot of information in an interesting and easy-to-understand way livened up with interesting stories and a great sense of humor!
Phil Bedford
It was an investment of a lifetime! The training session put the pieces of the puzzle together in my mind and helped me to decide that one of my goals is to be an executive coach.
Nathalie Ghandi
Executive Coach