The Journey to Your Divine Genius

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Chaos, crisis, disruption and change! This is our world today and it’s fast becoming the new normal.

How are you navigating through this storm? Kicking and screaming? Are you concerned about your future, your job, your health….your relationships… and what the world has in store for your children?

If you’re stressed and anxious, then let me tell that you have a hidden gift that can make a huge difference in how you navigate this storm. This gift is part of your human birthright.

There is a world within – a world of thought, feelings, emotions, light, and life… that may be lying dormant within you. How do you tap into that potential and ignite new possibilities?

Your gift is your mind and when your mind thinks correctly those thoughts pervade through your nervous system and create incredible shifts. Your thoughts are not just random things that come and go – they are electromagnetic realities that create your experience.

Key concepts covered include:

  • A powerful breathing technique to activate both sides of your brain and bring you back into balance
  • A secret around focus, intention, and goal setting and two very powerful words that shape your reality
  • What it really means to be a ‘quality shopper’ of life
  • You’ll discover that what you’ve been taught and told to believe may not be true… which means you can create new empowering beliefs
  • I’ll be sharing two powerful questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re back in the driving seat of your life
  • Using your own voice you’ll be able to create shifts in the sounds you make to impact and affect how you vibrate in the world
  • And if you have a busy mind, how to STOP the constant self-chatter and come into stillness

Course Content

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SECTION 1 – Your You-niverse
Section 2 – Letting Go
Section 3 – Exploring
Section 4 – A New You-Niverse
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